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At Netmore Digital, we offer a unique service that is designated to create a website design which fulfill the necessary attributes for clients towards the online world. With our design company, the consistency is crucial and we are able to achieve this through an exceptional quality as well as standardized development strategy. This strategy consists of 8 stages, with each stages, professional managed by a professional teams who are experienced in each field.

1. Enquiry

The procedure begins with the initial contact. This generally occurs by phone or email, which will be received by our cordial 24/7 telemarketing team. TWe will discuss all the information you need and the goals and objective that you are trying to achieve for your design development. If for some other reason that we are not able to assist, we will be more than happy to refer you to a different reputable company that would able to assist you with satisfaction.

2. Proposal

After proceed all over the details of our initial conversation with you, we will utilize our utmost experience in order to create and offer the best and reasonable proposal with the best price quotation. The tools that we use to achieve to this point consist of systematic questions that will determine the success which includes time, staff, software, and etc. The assessment is based on our past website experienced partnership with every all type of clientele – from individuals and small-scale companies to major corporate company projects.

3. Mockup

After discussing the requirements, tools, and any other planning resources needed for your project, we will draft the website’s framework. This will ensure that the understanding of your ideas and goals of the site that you wish constructed is on the right path. Creating a complete website layout will allow us to show you how is each component of the completed site will interact with one and another. Our experience proves that this is far more favorable than just sending you a collection of the draft which is unclear. You will then have the opportunity to review the full functionality of your completed website in a clear and concise format. Discussions of modifications are available to suit any other specific needs will be discussed in detail, that is if necessary.

4. Creative Design

Once both parties approved the web design website mockup then we focus on more in-depth aesthetic attributes of the website. We will only use proven original proven artistic and graphic design experts to unfold your website’s unique expression. This is important as it allow you to consider and make any adjustment or amendment before moving on to another website.

It should be noted that we do not complete the entire website graphics all at once. Doing so could have dramatically increased the website cost. Despite that, we will work on a page to page basis so that we can agree on the discussion for any design changes before we proceed to the final design agreement. This is to ensure not only the satisfaction that we provide to our client but also our relationship with them.

5. Code Implementation

This is where the complexity of coding comes into play. Here, we set ourselves apart from other web developers through our understanding of the code which is SEO friendly as well as the ease to navigate. Most site owners misunderstood that the most important site attribute for SEO does not lie only within the keywords but also the interaction with the actual coding as well.

On our side, we always use the most up-to-date open source technologies such as  MySQL, PHP, Dot Net and others depending on site requirements. We mainly facilitate the development process through the use of ‘Wordpress’ which represents a quantum leap in web technology. Through ‘Wordpress’ most updated technology, we are able to use many other plugins and tools to enhance the website, consult the database and also subsequently create a superior template.

6. System Testing

At this point, you will have direct access to your new website. This will allow you to perform website testing prior to the site going ‘LIVE’ on the Internet. With larger websites, we can break down the feedback and adjustment process into individual sections. This approach will save us the time that could be spent while veering off into the wrong direction.

7. Website Launch

This is the moment that you have been waiting for! Once your site goes live, it can be accessed by your clients, and potential clients, at any given point in time. For our customers who wish to have greater accessibility, we can also create a variation of your website that is optimized for mobile device contact and navigation. We can also assist with site visibility through services and recommendations that involve social media integration, in order to provide you with additional contact and outreach to your clients.

8. Post Development Support

As soon as your website goes live, we will always monitor from time to time for any errors or glitches that could affect the site usability and performance. It is imperative to us that any issues be corrected prior to an influx of traffic to your site. We will also run test any social media options that you may have chosen as well. In addition, we offer optional website maintenance that will protect you from any future concerns or modifications that you wish to make.


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