5 essential tips to grow your Instagram account

Tips #1. Introduction

How are people going to know you from your Instagram account? Besides your instagram posts, your profile is the one of the most straightforward way to get yourself out there. Treat your profile as an advertisement, a nice profile picture, and what are your interests. Similar to setting up a Tinder account, you want to catch strangers’ attention at the shortest amount of time and hopefully they will swipe right. And put a link on your profile to your business (or something else), because that’s the only one place you can place a hyperlink, literally the only one, use it.

Tips #2. Interaction

Unless you are Bjork, otherwise you might want to interact with other instagram accounts, they can be brands, personal accounts, etc. Interaction can start by doing these 4 basic and important things:

1. Like
2. Comment
3. Follow
4. Tag

Not everyone is bad and arrogant, and most of us are quite polite, and return favour all the time. So, you can play with this guilty conscience by getting others to follow you and interact with you, but you have to take the initiative to do it first. It’s like an ugly duckling going out to the dating world, being shameless at first, but eventually you might win people over with the inner beauty beyond the shell, and who knows you might turn out to be a beautiful swan too after some practices.

Tips #3. Hashtag

You are ready, but how are you going to let people know you are ready? Quote your BFF “Darling, you just have to put yourself out there!”, “Easier said than done” you said. Well, it’s not that hard, luckily we can #hashtag! #awesome

By categorizing your post and content into different hashtags, you can attract likeminded people, they will start liking your photos, and maybe follow you too if they like what they see. Different hashtag will get you expose to different pool of people. It might bring you to a whole new world too.

However, abusing hashtag is not ideal. Make sure you know what you want, what kind of follower you want to attract, then only hashtag what is relevant. #Simply #Hashtag #Everything #For #No #Reason #Is #Such #A #Turn #Off

Tips #4.Consistency

Well this is not easy. Consistency is one of the keys to success in managing an Instagram account, or pretty much everything in life. Let’s just talk about Instagram, you will need to be consistent in your posting frequency, account personality, photography style etc.

If you are a coffee instagrammer you will stick to posting coffee and café related pictures to share the interests with the followers, of cause you can mix it up a little bit once in a while with something else. However if you suddenly found a new interest in knitting and share everything about knitting, that will cause you a great deal of followers, then I would say “I need to break up with you, it seems like we are growing apart, I just don’t know you anymore”.

You can change your style, character and personality, as long as it’s not too far apart from the original, making it better is also a change. Example, Justin Bieber from “Baby” to “Love Yourself” is a good change; on the other hand, Miley Cyrus from “Hannah Montana” to “Wrecking ball” is… hmm.. Different.

Tips #5. Timing

How many people and things you’ve missed in your life? #TooMany !

Timing is very crucial, you miss the right one, you miss the flight, you miss lots of things just because of timing. In the case of Instagram, you miss lots of likes for many reasons, one of it is timing if you post it at a wrong time.

Despite the new algorithm Instagram has started, we still see many posts on Instagram according to the original posting time. Let’s sit down and think about when do you normally check your Instagram account, during lunch? After dinner? Morning’s pooping session? If you work during day time, leave work after evening, congratulation, you already know when do most people check their Instagram account, and you should post on that few time slots.


These tips are proven by practices and experience, hopefully can shed some lights for the lost souls of Instagram world. There are still many ways to grow your Instagram account or business. If you are the clueless bunch, just start by knowing yourself, then just do it and you will figure out more along the journey #fingerscrossed