How to maintained a website

You should aim to set aside an hour a week to check your site and make any changes or updates. If you’ve never maintained a website before or are new…

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How to increase SEO ranking?

TIP #1: Improve your Keyword Research When I published a post on FB with this pain of mine, asking for some help on what else can I work on, literally…

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Web Designer vs. Web Developer

The difference in these two comes down to a few different abilities all of which will be discussed below in hopes to provide a little more clarity on this subject.…

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Product Design vs UX Design – Similarities and Differences

The design has evolved to be a complicated concept as a resu...

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Why You Need Brand Guidelines

WHAT IS A BRAND GUIDELINES DOCUMENT? A Brand Guideline document is a file that your designer will send to you once they’ve completed your branding. It’s good practice for all…

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How to Make your site secure safely- Going HTTPS: SSL Checklist

Okay so you made the decision to go secure. Please make sure you

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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Website maintenance is important to all businesses no matter the size. Your website is both a local and worldwide view into your business and has a large impact on how…

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How to Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO

Oh Google Keyword Planner, how you have saved my butt a million times when trying to figure out which keywords to use in my posts. If you’re not using Google…

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8 innovative web design trends for 2020

Here are the biggest web design trends 2020: 1.Dark mode 2.Imperfections that add personality

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5 Simple Seo Tips Anyone Can Do To Gain More Traffic With Google

Google now accounts for the majority of my traffic. It surpa...

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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress (In Under 10 Minutes)

How To Set Up Google Analytics The first step you need to do is

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