8 innovative web design trends for 2020

Here are the biggest web design trends 2020: 1.Dark mode 2.Imperfections that add personality

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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress (In Under 10 Minutes)

How To Set Up Google Analytics The first step you need to do is

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How To Install a WordPress Theme

METHOD 1 – USING THE WORDPRESS THEMES SEARCH This is probably the easiest and least complicated method to install a WordPress theme.

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How To Design A Website – The 4 Stages Process

Different steps must be followed to finish the site design project, it requires four stages to make it simple for the designers to divide their task and plan it in…

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SST Implementation Announcement ?

Dear Valued Customers, We are writing this email to inform you that Netmore Sdn Bhd is a SST registered company (SST Registration No: W10-1910-32100017) , we will therefore be charging…

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What Is a Web Application?

When we surf online these days, surprisingly many of the web pages we use are, in fact, web applications. These are applications we use via our web browsers. We read…

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11 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

2019 is almost here! And with the new year comes new digital trends, such as the ever-changing world of UX web design. I’m sure if you took a moment to…

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Creative Website design (WordPress Theme)

One of the wonderful things about websites is that they’re not set in stone—they can change and evolve as your business grows or changes direction too. But as you begin…

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How to plan and design a website

What’s a website strategy? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a few key things. Mainly, it’s working out: -WHO you are targeting

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100 Best Web Design Tools Ever

So it was only natural that we created a curated list of 100 awesome webdesign tools for marketers, designers, startupers, community managers, and all the creative people out there. To…

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UX design heuristics meets psychology

Heuristic principles and design psychology cross paths and mingle as if at a dinner party. Something happens when I’m at the gym. I’m not sure how to explain it but…

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