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How to Build a Location Brand

How to Build a Location Brand?

If you are considering investing in a location and opening a coffee shop, a restaurant, or any other store for that matter you probably have your reasonable share of concerns. Devising a business plan before getting involved in any sort of venture is extremely important, but if that still leaves a couple of doubts open and you are not positively sure about your success remember one thing:

When in doubt – brand your way out!

What is a Brand?

The first thing a business owner considers when contemplating about branding is a logo and a slogan. Here is a test that will certainly help you comprehend why this is wrong: what is the slogan of Coca Cola? How about Disneyland, can you remember their slogan?


Brand is not a slogan, or an advertisement. Brand is a feeling that a product, service, or a destination triggers when a person remembers it. Accordingly, when you are thinking about your brand, don’t put too much effort in designing a slogan and neglect the really important part in the process – your service. You want your consumers, clients and customers to remember you in the best possible light.

When you are thinking about launching a destination brand bear the same in mind – provide a unique experience, stay consistent and don’t be afraid to show off. Especially in front of your target audience.



Always provide something unique to your audience. Whether you are managing a high-profile travel destination, or a simple local coffee shop, you need to ensure that your target customer will identify with the experience your place delivers.

Observing and mimicking your competition will only get you so far, so if you want to actually draw some attention don’t be afraid to step out of the box. For instance, if you are running a coffee shop, maybe your target audience would enjoy a bold design. Consider using a shipping container as a workspace.


Always remember to stay loyal to your brand. If you have clearly defined message that you want to deliver, stay diligent and spread your brand awareness in every situation possible. That includes advertising, plus any form of media presence for that matter, and the overall the experience your destination offers.

This is why planning is the key of every successfully executed branding. Be aware that once you open your doors for business, your brand needs to be completely established and ready for any challenge: starting from the colors of your furniture and decorations, to your staff uniforms, approach and general experience. Re-branding your business is hard and almost an impossible project, especially regarding destination brands.


Competitive identity is extremely important in branding. Spy on your competitors and devise a strategy that won’t only mimic them, but surpass their efforts and get you in an advantageous position. Try to avoid any form of imitation, and come up with your own promo material.

The usual promotional products will not only show your customers that you care about them and value their business, but they will also provide you a great mouth-to-mouth advertisement. Your brand recognition will significantly increase as well, and according to the bpma research – promotional products will motivate your client to take action and they also invoke the sense of loyalty.

Remember that once you open those doors for business, you have to provide the exact same type of service. Your brand depends on your serviceability as much as it depends on your presentation. So put a smile on your face and let people know that you feel confident about your venture.