Today I’m covering by far one of the most common questions I’m asked … “How to set up an online shop with WordPress?”


Certainly there are a TON of online e-commerce (That’s just fancy talk for selling anything online) options available. Here’s a great article on several popular eCommerce solutions.


For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to cover setting up one of arguably the most popular eCommerce solutions for WordPress called Woo commerce. At the time of writing it has nearly 7 million downloads.


Our own shop runs off of Woo commerce. Here’s another example of how we set up shop with WordPress & Woo commerce in our Theme.


Woo commerce has NO FEES associated with setting it up and it and works right out of the box with WordPress. Here’s a quick overview of Woo commerce. You can sell digital or physical products with it and use multiple checkout options. To set up an online shop with WordPress, you will need 3 things before getting started.


1. A domain + self-hosted WordPress site.

2. A WordPress theme that is compatible with Woo commerce.

3. Products to sell. These can be digital products or physical products you will ship.

4. Optional – A Paypal Account / Various Merchant accounts to receive payments (We’ll cover this more in the video below.)