There are many content marketing tools in the market that you can use to boost your content but few are essential and give you insightful experience. I am trying to list out contemporary and most demanding content marketing tools that can help you to attain your targets.

Content is the king for any web space and content marketing works to double your ROI (return on investment)  if you target with the right strategy. It can help you to increase targeted traffic with qualified leads and improved sales.

So, let’s move on and discuss these tools to incorporate in your content strategy as a marketer.


1) Buzzsumo

If you are uncertain and unable to get an idea like what to write in your blog post or website that can attract to your audience then Buzzsumo is there to help you out.


You simply need to write a few keywords based on your niche and Buzzsumo search will generate a content list of published articles along with their statistics.


It showing the total number of engagements so you can understand the value of the keyword.

If you are on way to analyze your competitor then it would be a great way to track details by using this emerging content marketing tool. It becomes a high choice for marketers and content writers and people are using this tool to make their content strategy. As a marketer, I found it one of the best in content marketing tools!!


2) Grammarly – Free Writing Assistant

I personally in love with Grammarly as it makes my life easier. It’s a spelling and grammar checking tool that will help you to correct your spelling and mistakes.

It’s a simple extension that you need to install in your Chrom browser.

It works on your email, social tool like Facebook, Twitter and most of the place of the web.

When you write on web space after installing Grammarly, it will highlight the incorrect areas to fix. Simple and easy way to write error-free content.


3) Evernote

It’s a note-taking app that helps to organize your notes and content. By using Evernote, you can:

-Manage notes like project

-Easily capture voice and picture

-Manage your ideas

-Creates a to do list

-A single place to organize your content

The best part of Evernote is to place your content that easily accessible by your team from the computer and mobile phones only need to install the app in all devices where you need it.

Recommended app for content developers, copywriters, and marketers to manage their content in Fairless way to lose it.


4) MailChimp for Email Marketing

When we talk about content marketing tools, every marketer understands the value of Email marketing to connect with customers and subscribers by launching a powerful email campaign.

There are many email marketing tools available in the market but people are crazy about Aweber and MailChimp as it’s simple, easy and affordable. If you are new, you can go with MailChimp to create your free campaigns. It allows designing emails, landing pages, postcards, signup forms, and Facebook ads.

In a Mailchimp free version, you can send 12000 emails per month to 2000 subscribers. Isn’t it amazing?