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QikMobile© Booking Engine
Client: Ubiq Global
Date: March 20, 2018
Services: Web Design & CMS
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A modern CMS web design website that have responsive layout that suits all desktop, tablets, and mobile users. Images used indicates the freedom and ease to travel through smiling individuals alongside with simple integrated design and layout.

When a travel plan is shaped, traveler will research online for the hotel that meets their budget and need. Hotel can capitalize on this moment to drive traveler to book directly on the hotel’s website through QikRes© booking engine. Guests may now experience real-time access to content, images, room rates, room availability, points redemption and promotions published online. This not only helps you to increase revenues, it also enables you to start communicating directly with your guests. Guest can now check-In from QikMobile© using simple SMS message even before arriving at the hotel.  At the hotel, your guest will be greeted at the lobby and checked–in using QikPad©/QikDesk© tablet devices directly.

We combine design & mobile technology

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