The Future of Advertising is All about Experiential Marketing

The Future of Advertising Is All about Experiential Marketing.

As traditional advertising formats – print, spots, web banners, and their ilk – continue to lose impact and relevance, brand stewards must re-frame their marketing approaches to reflect a new, values-based relationship between consumers and brands. One rapidly emerging solution, in the opinion of many creative leaders, is “experiential marketing,” often expressed in the form of temporary or pop-up, brick-and-mortar installations or shops.

To help marketers come to grips with this new environment, the trend forecasters at PSFK have published The Advertising Playbook, in which they explore the changing relationship between consumers and brands, and the levers that drive trial purchase decisions and promote loyalty in the digital space.


Experiential – Let’s Get Physical… Pop-Ups, Events, Activations

Consumers who increasingly seek engaging, two-way brand conversations increasingly turn to ad blockers to defend against the onslaught of irrelevant targeted messaging. Over ninety percent of people feel digital ads have become more intrusive over the last two years; researchers estimate that $7+ billion of digital ad spent has been wasted. Add to this the heated conversation regarding ad fraud, fake news, and poorly targeted ads, and there’s little wonder why consumers increasingly tune out brand talk.

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