Website Maintenance - Why is it important?

You’ve spent all this time (and money) on having your website developed by professionals – why should you worry about fiddling with it now and spending more money on website maintenance? If my web developer did their job, it would just work! Unfortunately, that’s simply not true.


Websites need maintaining, like a car, a house or any other important investment.

Stay secure
The easier way for a hacker to infiltrate your site is to find a weak spot. An out of date plug in or version of WordPress is a great weak spot for a hacker to take advantage of.


Avoid the headache by simply making sure your website and all its components are maintained.


Keep your audience up-to-date
Website maintenance gives you the opportunity to keep your content fresh. What’s your latest special? What new product are you offering? Let your consumers know and keep them interested. If your audience knows that your website is always fresh with content, they have a reason to come back, and most importantly, stay.


Show you’re savvy
Talking about impressing your audience – show them you’re savvy through website maintenance. Let’s face it, a company that can’t even manage to update their website doesn’t exactly impress on the pubic that they are current, innovative or relevant.


An up to date website sends the signal to your audience that you are here to stay and you are competitive.


Avoid a disaster
If you are a few days late on your cars service, it’s not so bad. Leave your car unchecked for a long period of time and all sorts of mechanical chaos is sure to ensue. Consistent website maintenance avoids the equivalent happening to your website.
Bad things happen as a result of too many out dated plugins. (Cue ominous music)


Today is always a good time to start maintaining your website, even if it’s been a while. Don’t wait for a disaster.

An SEO advantage
SEO (essentially, trying to rank your website to rank 1st on search page results) is highly effected by how up-to-date your website is and how much is happening on your website. Having consistent website maintenance will ensure that both of these criteria are being addressed. Simply put, you are more likely to find your website at the top of the Google search results page if your website is maintained.


One last thing
To sum it up – you’ll feel in control through website maintenance. Should something ever happen to your website your down time is most likely going to be minimal and your problem far easier to fix. You’re website will work for you and you’ll have peace of mind that its quality is not deteriorating.

The 4 Components of Website Maintenance


Website Backup

Backing up your computer’s data is one thing. Backing up your website another. It’s the central spot of your business, and really deserves this kind of attention. Developing the habit of backing up your website is a way to manage your business’ risks, and also a healthy attitude for every entrepreneur.


Website Security

It’s really bad when a website doesn’t get updated for three years. But it is just as bad, if one doesn’t take any preventive measures for getting the website hacked. Small businesses are a bit more lax about security, and hackers know this. There’s always something you can do. No excuses!


Website Monitoring
Website monitoring serves several purposes.
One of them is quality control towards your web host. Questions you can find answers to with website monitoring are:

How often is your website down (not available)?
Is the frequency of the website’s downtime justifiable with appropriate maintenance by the web host?
Is there a quality problem?
Can your hosting plan still handle the traffic peaks, or is it time to switch?


Another reason for monitoring a website are hacking attacks.

How do you know when someone targets your website?
Do you need to take appropriate action?

Is there a pattern behind the attack?


It could be a hint what you can do to stop it and prevent further attacks.


Several Maintenance Tasks
Depending on the platform you use, there are several maintenance tasks on your to-do list. Two examples for maintaining your website’s hygiene are sitemaps and broken links. But of course, there is more …

In my new online course WEBSITE MAINTENANCE I talk about all these four blocks in detail. Not only will you get detailed information about maintaining your website in regard to these four aspects. The lectures are held in a non-techy way and are easy to comprehend. I make it as easy as possible for a you to understand the matter. Every module comes with a Tech Term Glossary as well as a downloadable Tool Tips CheatSheet.


Website Backups

one facet of managing your business’ risks is making sure you make backups consistently and know how to restore everything.


Website Security

for an online business, this is not negotiable.


Website Monitoring

there are several good reasons why you should have your website monitored.


Several Maintenance Tasks

There are a few things to take care of for a website owner, and I will point out some best practices how to get that accomplished.


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