1. Do some Content Marketing for SEO


While you are working at home, create evergreen content around your products and services. Architectural services, write “how to choose an architect for the right structure”. Construction Engineering services, write “The process of before, during and after hotel constructions” The key is to educate your potential customers. Write or make content that would greatly benefit them. I would start with a content pillar. Chances are you are not selling a single product (even if you do, it can still work). Also known as a “hub and spoke” model. Choose a few pillars (they are your product or services), then the clusters or sub-category surrounding or relevant to it. I prefer to use a mind-mapping method as this gives a bigger view of what I am about to write. Finally, fill in the suitable titles for every cluster (sub-category). Start writing. Publish it and edit as you see fit. It’s difficult to start, but once you build momentum, you will be unstoppable.

2. Fix Your Marketing Funnel


If you haven’t got a clue what Marketing Funnel is, then this is the perfect time to learn. I’ve written in great length about the Marketing funnel, from Stranger to Advocate.

3. Do Paid Marketing


Remember, the goal is to create awareness and deepen relationships. Now that you’ve created content, it’s time to get traffic. You can wait for Google SEO to kick in, but that would be too slow. The next best option you have is to pay for it. There are a few ways to buy traffic. Facebook Ads and Google Ads. I’m not going into the technique of creating an ad, you can watch it on Youtube on how to set up the ads and everything. Now, get them to see you first and start collecting 2 things: Marketing Cookies and Email. In simple terms, Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing. You can search how to set this up or get your technical people to do it for you. In order for you to get your visitor email address, you are going to need more than a compelling blog post, you need a lead magnet. I will explain that later in this post.

4. Re-engage with Your Audience


I’m sure you have a long list of customers stored in Excel sheets or any database format. It’s time to use it. It would be utterly weird to send out an email if you’ve never sent one since their purchase or last project. That’s ok, that’s infinitely better than not doing anything. Therefore, DO NOT SELL ANYTHING. Instead, ask about them. How is life? How is work from home like? Share tips (it doesn’t have to do anything with your product). Share funny videos, images etc. Remember the first date with your spouse? Did you immediately ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend? No. You asked “what’s the time” and that was lame. But that’s how a fire starts, with a spark. It gets bigger when you fan it. Use first-person pronouns. That way you connect at personal (people-people) level, rather than brand-people. It sounds more authentic. You can do this through mass-email, Direct Message (Whatsapp/ Telegram) or through calls. Take a pick. No right or wrong, only wrong timing. If you haven’t got a list, then it’s time to build it. Start collecting from Whatsapp, Phonebooks, Emails. Create an Excel file or use Google Sheet.

5. Plan Your Social Media Post for the Year.


Your buyer attention will be scarce during MCO, they will be fixated on either the News or Entertainment and sometimes looking after the kids (I’ve got two and I’m pulling my hair). It’s the perfect time to plan your social media posts because they are busy consuming other media. I like to plan for 3 months in advance and do social media postings automatically. Here’s how I do it. Go to an old blog post (or a new one), take a few points of the blog post and use it for social media posting. It could just be a quote from the post, or statement or graph. Schedule it on Postfity and call it a day. (You can use other services like Buffer, Hootsuite etc). You would need to link all up to 5 accounts, Linkedin Page, Twitter, Facebook Page. Doing it one by one would be difficult, instead plan it on Google Sheets. This way you get to see the process as a whole and do it by batch just like making a dozen cupcakes (instead of baking one at a time). For the images, you can use online tools like Canva. I personally prefer to do it on Adobe XD. I get to see the bigger picture. (I’m a big picture guy) The goal is not to sell. It’s just to tell people that your business is alive.

6. Create a Lead Magnet.

How to steal people’s email? You bribe them. I bribe my visitors with high-quality content through the ebook. There’s an elaborate process to produce an ebook, but you don’t have to do it my way (I’m a perfectionist). Instead, offer Check Lists. They are the easiest to make without any special tool. All it takes is Microsoft Words and save it as PDF. You can get inspiration easily from Pinterest or search for a business that is similar to yours. Download it and improve on it.

Conclusion :

The pace of purchase might have reduced significantly, but that doesn’t mean you should too. Consider this MCO period to reflect and move slowly towards building your marketing infrastructure.


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