How To Set Up Google Analytics
The first step you need to do is set up Google Analytics so you can add it to your blog.To do that go to Google Analytics’ website and sign in with your Google account (if you don’t have one, now is the time to create it). Then click the grey button on the right that says “Sign up”Then you will be taken to a new page that looks like this:

How to set up your google analytics account and start tracking your website

Now just fill in all the fields with your information and click the blue button at the bottom that says “Get tracking ID”.


And that is it!


Now it’s time to install Google Analytics to your website so it can start tracking your data.

How To Install Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website
There are two ways you can connect Google Analytics to your blog


-you can add it directly to your website or


– use a plugin to do if for you


I’m gonna show you how to add it with both methods so you can decide which one you prefer.


How To Install It Without A Plugin

To add Google Analytics directly to your blog you’re gonna have to add a tracking code toof your blog.


To do this go to your Google Analytics dashboard > admin > tracking info > tracking code and copy the “Global Site Tag” code.


Now go to your WordPress dashboard and go to appearance > theme editor


From there search for “header.php” under “Theme Files”. Click on the “header.php” and paste the code after theand click Update File to save your changes and that’s it.


Pros And Cons Of Installing GA Directly To Your Website


-if you’re fa miliar with coding this would, probably, be the easiest for you


-you don’t have to install another plugin to your website (plugins can slow down your website)




-if you don’t know much about coding you could mess up your theme


-the code will disappear if you update or change your them


Another thing you could do, without directly messing with your theme, is to install a header and footer plugin. And then just add the tracking code to the header section of your theme through the plugin.


How To Install Google Analytics With A Plugin
The other way you can install Google Analytics to your website is to use a plugin.


The most popular plugin is Monster Insights. It is a free plugin but also comes with a paid Pro version that has lots more features.


To add Google Analytics with MonsterInsigths go to your WordPress dashboard > plugins > add new and enter “MonsterInsights” in the search bar. And click “Install now” and then activate it.


Now it’s time to set up MonsterInsights.


In your admin menu look for the “Insights” label and click on it to set it up.


Now, just follow all the steps to set up MonsterInsights and connect it to your Google Analytics. When you’re done just click “Finish setup and exit Wizzard” and that is it.


As you can see, installing Google Analytics with MonsterInsights is super simple and doesn’t involve any coding which makes it perfect for those who aren’t tech-savvy!


>Check out MonsterInsights here and find out more information about its features<<


Pros And Cons Of Installing GA With MonsterInsights


-it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any coding


-it comes with an analytics dashboard on WordPress so you don’t have to go to Google Analytics every time you want to check your stats



-it’s a plugin so it may slow down your website a bit


What Is The Difference Between Adding It Manually And Using A Plugin?

The main difference between installing GA to your website directly and using MonsterInsights is the analytics dashboard in WordPress.


When you install MonsterInsights you can see your website’s insights in your WordPress dashboard which makes it so easy and convenient.


Otherwise, you would have to log in to Google Analytics every time you want to check your stats.


What To Do If My Google Analytics Isn’t Working?
Have you noticed that Google Analytics stopped tracking your website?


That probably means the code isn’t on your website anymore.


There are a number of reasons why that might happen. If you added the code manually and you changed/updated your theme the code could’ve disappeared.


Or maybe you had a GA plugin that you deleted?


To find out for sure if the code is still there just go to any page on your blog and right-click your mouse, then a drop-down menu will appear and click on the “View page source”.


You’ll be taken to a new page. To check if the code is still there just click Ctrl + F to open up a search box. In the search box enter your Tracking ID from Google Analytics (that’s the code that starts with UA-).


If it’s not on the page it means you have to add Google Analytics to your website again (using one of the methods I showed in this post).


There you have it. A complete guide on how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.


I told you it would be quick and easy, haven’t I?

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