The mobile app UI design is the first impression of any application. The scene of UX is consistently changing day by day. New grows old, and old is new again.
As a designer, one needs to be aware of the existing and upcoming mobile app UI/UX design trends We should learn, improve and expand our design toolkit to remain up to date with the current market. In this infographic, we have showcased top 14 mobile app UI/UX design trends that will skyrocket in 2020 and beyond.


01 Rounded Corners

This is another trend that developed from modern smartphone devices. Both android and IOS flagships feature rounded corners. Rounded corners are smoother on our eyes and help process data easily.


02 Button less Design

Nowadays, real physical buttons are no more used in every mobile. By freeing up more screen spaces, product designers can give users more data.


03 Password-less experience

The password-less login process will become more popular in 2020. For example, facial or fingerprint recognition (biometric authentication)!


04 Enchanced Personalization

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are making personalization easier. For example, all media in youtube assesses user choices for offering song recommendations.


05 Convenient Voice Interaction

Siri, google assistance, Alexa, and Bixby become an important part of our lives. They deliver precise and fast query results, more feasible, and ensure personalized user experience.


06 Advanced Animation

Animation has become part of storytelling for the brand. Using movie-like scenes helps convey the information and morph it from frame to frame.


07 Gradient2.0

In 2020, Gradients will get a new life. However, this time, gradients are more regarding vibrant shades utilized as background. This helps create a warm effect and promotes positivity.


08 Dark themes

As of late, more apps are switching to dark themes like Instagram and WhatsApp. Dark themes offer two advantages, reduce eye strain and save battery power.


09 Chatbots UI Design

For processing every particular query, chat boots must be easy to use and manage all types of basic language variations. Also, ready-made conversation flow or free-text typing with autocomplete function can help.


10 The rise of illustrations

Companies are quickly moving from neutral design towards a design that has an emotional impact by experimenting with different illustration styles.



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