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What is UI & UX Design?

What is UI & UX Design? Design is a broad stream of subjects and isn’t limited to graphic design. When someone says “I’m a designer’, it is not immediately clear what they actually…

SEO Trends in 2018

SEO Trends in 2018 If your business isn’t taking advantage of using SEO strategies on its website, blogs and social media pages, you’re missing the boat in terms of ranking your business in…

New Client Websites

New Website Projects !! We hope you enjoy our new uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, and  user-friendly. Here are 3 recent website design projects:- KSIB     CUIR Boutique Eimage 

Brand New Netmore Website

Brand New Netmore Website We are pleased to announce the launch of our Netmore brand new website! Our new website's main goal is to provide our visitors, startups and companies an easier…

The Four Web Design Trends

The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Actually Care About. In business, first impressions matter, and I’m not talking about your elevator pitch. It only takes a person 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) to…

The Case For No-Frills UX/UI

The Case For No-Frills UX/UI Flat design is so 2015. Minimalism is the new poster boy of the UX/UI world. It all started with Airbnb’s UI revamp in 2016. However, Instagram took all the…


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